Every day, the luxuriant vegetation of Riva del Garda gives us the most emotional Good Morning.

The vineyards, the olive trees and the lively yellow of the lemons make the perfect frame for Lake Garda. Walking and breathing a fresh and scented air is like to be in a dream. We want you to live this experience in the most savory way: starting from the kitchen.

Villa Nicolli Romantic Resort spends all its attention and cares to the food to enchant you with a healthier but delicious diet. We select for you only seasonable products, fresh and genuine.

You will meet them once at the table, in our restaurant PERLA DI LAGO: you will be surprised... Go on with every single course: a symphony of land products proposed with creativeness by our Chef.

Take the well-being to your own kitchen: experiment our recipes once at home for a well balanced life style. Our proposals meet every needs to reach the delight of celiacs and vegetarians.