Digital detox: offline time-out!

Starting from € 121.00

If the first thing you do in the morning is checking notifications, likes or comments on your social media and if you repeat this gesture many, too many times, during the day,  you could suffer from "digital addiction".
In the USA they have defined it as a real disease called with the acronym IAD: Internet Addiction Disorder.
An addiction that risks ruining human and social relationships.
Do you want to free yourself from this slavery and rediscover the beauty of the real world?
Perhaps digital detox is what you need!
We offer you a week of detoxing from tablets, smartphones and social networks to find out again the value of human relationships and looking people in the eye while talking with them.


Our offer includes:

Welcome drink

Half board with buffet breakfast and dinner with à la carte menu

1 detox breakfast in the room

Good Morning News in the morning

Deposit and free custody of your electronic device (optional)

Guided walk with stunning views on Lake Garda

Good Night Ritual in the evening

1 Detox Body Treatment


Price per person, 7 nights

Romantic room: € 849.00

Junior suite : € 1019.00



Valid from 20.04 to 26.07.2019


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