Its name is very suggestive: Limone sul Garda, in the Lombardy region, recalls the vitality of the local citrus: lemon. The light of this town reflects into the water of Lake Garda where it is located.
The centre, very praised by J.W. Goethe, is reachable from Riva del Garda by car or bus.
Once there enjoy a romantic promenade in the narrow ways of the old town until you reach the kingdom of olive trees. The inland provides several excursions to do on bike or on foot and suitable to everyone: families or adventurers.
Villa Nicolli Romantic Resort suggests you to follow the scents of nature and reach the “Sentiero del Sole” which starts from the main squares and ends in the town of Reamol following the First World War Refuges.
Limone is an ideal spot to satisfy the wishes of younger and older: from 60 m on the water level up to 2000 metres high of the peaks.
During the sunny days enjoy the sun while lying on the beaches or discover the funny water sports: surf, sail and canoe…