Bike Paths

Discover the magic Riva del Garda on your bike

On your bike along Sarca River: Riva del Garda – Torbole - Arco

Bicycle is the ideal means of transport to discover the most genuine side of Garda Trentino. We can simply and easily penetrate the nature and breathe its sweet scents or listen to its sound. A sweet and regenerating activity: the effort on the flat bicycle path is very small to slowly appreciate every instant with our better half… How long did not you ride a bicycle for? This is the time to be young again and rediscover the enchantment of your love story…
From Riva del Garda Romantic Resort in Riva del Garda we reach Lake Garda: the starting point of cycle path Garda Trentino –Basso Sarca . Cross the path on your bike: around you wild landscapes which constantly changes. With you, the most romantic and faithful companion: Lake Garda. The breeze will tickle your face and it will be with you until Torbole. Stop for an ice cream or for an aperitif in the centre and you will admire the sunbeams on Mount Baldo and Altissimo. Go ahead with your tour to Arco. Enjoy the plants and the flowers of Alboreto: it tells us of ancient and far lands. Go back on the same road and take an evocative deviation: once you are at Sarca Speed choose the way for the countryside. To pedal far away the traffic and from the noise, surrounded by the vineyards and olive trees will be an unforgettable experience. You will not realize that you will be back to Riva del Garda in a while: relax in the Wellness centre or an aperitif at the bar are waiting for you.