Trekking Paths

Enjoy the lake from the top and get excite at every step

The exciting stairs: Torbole - Tempesta

The green of Mount Baldo which melts into the blue of Lake Garda, create the most magic and exciting color: the breathtaking landscape of Garda.
To walk into the nature, in an absolute silence to listen to your breath or the light breeze. This is a luxury that we can not experience in everyday life . An experience to live with your partner, to share extraordinary sceneries that will stay with you forever.

From Villa Nicolli, in Riva del Garda, you will reach by car the Busatte Park, above Torbole. This is the starting point for our excursion. This is not the ideal path for bikes but it is easily viable to everyone. The embossed lines, steep and evocative are connected with a stair bounded to a rock. Exceed the 400 steps will be a funny challenge: the flowers all around will cheer for you, togheter with the slopes and the spectacular view from Lake Garda. More we get close to the destination and more the lake becomes a precious blue pearl. Experiment a new and true contact with the mountain: you will cross the hardpans of Corno di Bò and Salt de la Cavra: two very interesting naturalistic and geological points.
After an half hour walk we reach Tempesta which has been in the past the border line between Italy and Austro Hungarian Empire.