Music, Theatres and Arts

The true experiences on the territory make your holiday in Riva del Garda a fantastic holiday!
The charm of fairytales is on the squares and in the centre in August, during the Notte di Fiaba ( Fairytale Night). A week of parties dedicated to the fairytale of our childhood and that turns Riva del Garda in a romantic kingdom: theater, dance and music.. a great end with an amazing fireworks show on Lake Garda!
To music lovers, the Garda Jazz Festival through the city centre or the big opera concerts and international singer concerts at Verona Arena.
The art lovers can not miss a visit to Mart- Museum of Contemporary Art in Rovereto: one of the most important contemporary art museum in the world. In its rooms, designed by Botta, permanent collections and temporary exhibitions of the most famous artists. Downtown Rovereto, admire the Depero House: one of the most important futurist artists: visit its creations and his items.
Always in Rovereto, at the end of Summer, takes place the “Oriente e occidente” Festival: a mix of different forms of Art, artists and perfomers from far west and east to describe the present and imagine the future from interesting points of view.