Sailing and Canoe

Lake Garda is the main protagonist of your holiday in Riva del Garda. Is our landmark, while walking in the centre or up on the mountains: it gives us a natural feeling of lightness and carefree.
It is the theater of the most exciting water sports: rowing, sailing, windsurf and also fishing and diving. Lake Garda is considered one of the most important centre of international sailing circuit. Year after year the world known skippers enjoyed its waves.
Go out with Villa Nicolli Romantic Resort for a sailing boat trip: the sea breeze will fondle your face and will wrap you in a warm hug. Find out our proposals for a romantic boat trip on Lake Garda!

You will feel yourself free and you will discover a new connection with the nature.
This is an occasion to try a new sport like windsurf: a trainer will teach you the firsts movements on the table .. and than go on with the wind!