An invisible line, magic as in the fairytale, links Riva del Garda, goes up to the Dolomites of Brenta, it mixes up to the blue of the sky and it melts in the gorgeous lake Garda. A line to cross on you bikes and mountain bikes, on the infinitive paths, ideal to all kind of training.
For sweet and regenerating excursions, Villa Nicolli Romantic Resort will come with you along the beaches. Slowly pedaling on cycle paths while the surrounding scenery constantly changes: the narrow streets in the old towns of Riva, Torbole, Dro, the mount Baldo peaks, your imagine into the water…
A different way to discover the territory following the paces of nature. The more adventours people will easily climb every hills up to the Altissimo, the top of Baldo mountain chain or Mount Velo, near lake Tenno. Villa Nicolli Romantic Resort will give you all the best directions for the circle route “Garda Sarca Ring”: 61 Km of an exciting tour crossing the little towns of Garda Trentino.