A holiday in Riva del Garda turns into a romantic fairytale at Villa Nicolli Romantic Resort. Instants that words can not explain: when we totally abandon the body and vacate mind to let us pamper ourselves.
In the wellness centres and in the beauty farms, the special touch of experts will treat you with enchantment. In the Plein Air club are the loved hands of your partner that will lead you thought the wellbeing feeling.

Water is the main element in Riva del Garda. The crystal tones and the relaxing sounds of Lake Garda reach our wellness centre. Our indoor pool is a peaceful nest, where rocking yourself in the silence and stillness as it is the magic of the lake, in the early morning, when the blue of the sky fuses in this natural mirror.
The Himalayan salt grotto, will restore yourself as the frizzy Dolomites’air, the bio sauna, for a warm hug from the mountain nature. The purification in the Turkish bath: the sensation to lying along a creek: the slow run of the water through the rocks will give a new energy.

The pleasure of pampering can not end with your holiday on Lake Garda but has to continue in everyday life.
When coming back home after an intensive day, take care of your partner. Villa Nicolli Romantic Resort conducts you through a unique experience: a customized treatment for couple to teach you the art of massage. To recreate an atmosphere of peace and harmony and remove the stress of your partner…