What do we like most on holiday?

Breakfast, absolutely!

We will pamper you from the early morning hours welcoming you into our Restaurant with a beautiful smile and a warm Good Morning.

We will serve you a good Italian coffee, a cappuccino or your favorite drink and then leave you free to serve yourself from our Buffet.

You will find the freshest cured meats sliced at the moment with our Berkel, to be enjoyed with some sourdough bread and butter.

Do you prefer to start the day and load up on vitamins? Fresh seasonal fruit, fruit salad, dried fruit combined with Trentino yogurt or why not… a teaspoon of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil with lemon juice?

Indulge in rice or soy milk with turmeric and energetic seeds if your style is more zen and your day will definitely start with the right balance!

If you are instead of the idea that "Sweet things make people happy" you are in the right place: chocolate croissants, with cream, jam or wholegrain, homemade cookies and cakes and a magic machine that make pancakes.

If it is the right charge what you are looking for in the morning, choose from our list the various proposals with organic eggs, specially fresh made for you.

And if you still want something special, refresh your mouth with our Mediterranean-flavored water.

Our philosophy is to satisfy every palate and offer a healthy, fresh and quality breakfast even to those suffering from celiac disease, food intolerances and allergies.

Our goal is to give everyone a Good Breakfast, wishing you a very special day in Riva del Garda.

Breakfast is served from 7 to 10 am.