Every day, the luxuriant vegetation of Riva del Garda gives us the most emotional Good Morning.

We strongly think that changes are always positive, particularly in the field of food. We do not want to bore you: this is your love story in Riva del Garda.

The vineyards, the olive trees and the lively yellow of the lemons make the perfect frame for Lake Garda. Walking and breathing a fresh and scented air is like to be in a dream. We want you to live this experience in the most savory way: starting from the kitchen.

Every day we propose you something new and innovative, reinventing with creativity the Trentino land products with plates from our Austro Hungarian origines and traditional Italian food. Our Chef will guide you into the magical stories that our territory secretly keeps. Organic meat, lake and sea fish and fresh vegetables from our fields.

In our kitchen you will find a symphony of tradition, mediterranean taste and creativeness.

You can take the well-being with you: experiment our recipes once at home for a well balanced life style. Our proposals meet every need to reach the delight of celiacs and vegetarians as well.